Extending Existing Work

(This video is based on the 3D Buzz Kismet tutorial, extended in a number of ways. The original tutorial is available at http://www.3dbuzz.com/training/view/unreal-development-kit/kismet).

Update: I have re-posted the video to remove the “Lighting needs to be rebuilt” message and to correct a bug where the first lightswitch gave no noise.

There is some text in this video. To get the best experience, I advise watching it in full screen.

In the context of learning it seems wasteful not to go back, look at earlier work, and see what can be extended and improved. I wanted to take the basic room building tutorial from 3DBuzz and make it more interesting, both using their Kismet tutorial and the skills I developed from my Top Down Shooter prototype. I’ve done that now and feel pleased with the improvements, but also found some unexpected benefits from going back and practicing skills in a familiar environment. More details after the break.

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