Dimension Shifting Platformer

Ever since I worked on my 2D teleporting prototypes I wanted to take the idea into 3D. However, I didn’t just want to copy the mechanic into 3D. I wanted to take it, tweak it, and work on some new Blueprints for the 3D implementation.

I decided to make the teleport less of a teleport and more of a shift between dimensions. I loved Legacy of Kain and wanted to make something inspired by that game, but still make something that was obviously a platformer. This is what I came up with.

Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany

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Returning Inside (to the Zombies)

This is going to be a short post that relates to some of the experiments I have been doing recently with an indoor zombie level and an outdoor zombie level.

Long story short, the first experiment was the indoor level, where the zombies were massively powerful, both because their inherent stats (health, damage, etc) and because the nature of the level (tight corridors and short sight lines) gave the melee heavy hitters a huge advantage.

To compensate for that, I made an outdoors level with enemies spread further apart, with longer sight lines and a variety of low walls for the player to use as cover. The thing is, that didn’t help very much.


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First Draft of First Room

It’s been a while since my last update, but my floating prison has been looming all the while. I’ve made a number of changes, all of which has pushed the design forward considerably.

The aim of the most recent changes is to get the first room into a state where it is, in a first draft state, complete. That way I can copy it twice to make the other two rooms of my three room level. Each will serve as an identical base which can be tweaked to fit the tone of the game and the narrative, as required.

First off, this meant upgrading the textures and and lighting. In a prison it would make sense that each section of the building be constructed in the same way, with the same materials, so covering each wall was just a matter of choosing a believable texture for a floating building. You can’t overstate the feel good moment that comes after the last blue and grey polygon has disappeared from your draft!

Alt angle - 1st draft

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