Unreal Development Kit

I am a skilled UDK user, particularly confident with Kismet and Matinee.

This first video highlights my range of skills. The main character’s torch, the pickups and keys all show knowledge of Kismet, with the doors and the twist ending highlighting my matinee skills.

This top down shooter prototype is based on an Eat3D tutorial. It highlights my advanced Kismet skills. These skills include level streaming, designing control schemes and enemy management.

Here’s a setpiece I designed in UDK:

This video highlights my ability to design a level and to adapt a brief. Based on a 3D Buzz tutorial (the shape of the room is prescribed) I redesigned the points of interest around the edge of room, giving players plenty to see. Pay particular attention to the “trash pile” that appears 20 seconds into the video. It looks natural and appropriately random.

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