Back into 3D – Endless Runner Tutorial

My last few posts have all been about the two dimensional plane. I wanted to move back into 3D for my next piece of work. I also wanted to see some different ways of using Blueprints. It turns out that this tutorial from Unreal ( was perfect.

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A Coat of Polish

I’ve got another update to my teleport based platformer today. As the title suggests, it’s mainly a polish. However, I’ve also finished prototyping some mechanics which allow for the creation of puzzles.

The video below shows the first two levels of the prototype in action:

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(Tele)Porting a Game into Unreal 4

It’s time to break away from tutorials and push my knowledge and creativity in Unreal 4. Over the last few days I have been working on taking a prototype I originally put together in Game Maker and transferring it into UE4.

The original Game Maker platformer was put together with help from Shaun Spalding’s tutorials, available here:

Here’s my version:

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Testing Out Paper2D

I was interested to see how Paper 2D compared to Game Maker. I’ve always found Game Maker very easy to use and was curious as to how Paper 2D compared. I also wanted to know how Paper 2D fits with the Blueprints in UE4 and its pros and cons in relation to Game Maker’s interface.

I started this exploration by completing the Paper2D Official tutorial, shown below.

The video above shows my recreation of the Unreal 4 YouTube tutorial, available here:

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Building a HUD – The UE4 Time Attack Tutorial

Over the last fortnight I’ve been working to increase my UE4 knowledge with one of the more advanced Blueprint tutorials; the Time Attack tutorial, available at

Not much happens on lap two, so I’ve broken my work into a video covering lap one and lap three.

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