(Tele)Porting a Game into Unreal 4

It’s time to break away from tutorials and push my knowledge and creativity in Unreal 4. Over the last few days I have been working on taking a prototype I originally put together in Game Maker and transferring it into UE4.

The original Game Maker platformer was put together with help from Shaun Spalding’s tutorials, available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn7FE3Tx391g1tWPv-1tv7Q.

Here’s my version:

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Teleporter Prototype

What I did:

After a brief hiatus I’ve made another prototype in Game Maker. The basic idea is to create a puzzle game which is based on teleporting a character between two points, as in the video below.

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New newness

My portfolio has been through a big redesign. Long overdue, but now my work is being shown in the best possible light.

My very best stuff is under the ‘Portfolio’ tab. The specific tabs (‘Game Design’, ‘Writing’ etc) show noteworthy work in particular disciplines and pieces of software, useful if you want to see examples of particular skills.

The ‘Home’ page will be an ongoing blog, updated every time I complete a new design.

It’s a complete picture of everything I’ve done and everything I’m doing.

Thanks for taking the time and do get in touch.