Dimension Shifting Platformer

Ever since I worked on my 2D teleporting prototypes I wanted to take the idea into 3D. However, I didn’t just want to copy the mechanic into 3D. I wanted to take it, tweak it, and work on some new Blueprints for the 3D implementation.

I decided to make the teleport less of a teleport and more of a shift between dimensions. I loved Legacy of Kain and wanted to make something inspired by that game, but still make something that was obviously a platformer. This is what I came up with.

Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany

So, the first thing to crack was actually shifting between two parallel worlds. I tried a couple of variants. I built parallel levels and teleported between two locations, I moved platforms and just toggled visibility and collision on and off. As expected, toggling visibility and collision worked best, even though it does cause a momentary performance hit when the player switches worlds. The video below shows it in action:

The next phase is to implement a level. I wanted to go for a tutorial type level, which builds the challenge gradually after it introduces the mechanics. the layout is below.Telporting Map V5 (Extended Tut) (1)

I wanted to highlight a couple of things:

  • The big shapes at the sides of the map represent big landmarks. I want the player to be able to quickly orientate themselves after a shift, and realise they are still in the same location, just in a different version of the world. These landmarks should help this.
  • The level builds steadily. First the player uses obvious switches to remove walls, then to create platforms, then to jump past walls to platforms and so on.┬áThe level ends with a moving platform maze with dimension shifts.

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