Back into 3D – Endless Runner Tutorial

My last few posts have all been about the two dimensional plane. I wanted to move back into 3D for my next piece of work. I also wanted to see some different ways of using Blueprints. It turns out that this tutorial from Unreal ( was perfect.

In the past I have, primarily, used events as my main means of making things happen in UE4. Same with UDK before that. In this tutorial -which is ace, btw; quick, clear with a really interesting result- the teacher used functions to build his blueprints. This was quite different from the way I’ve done things in the past, and I was impressed with how powerful it was. It also kept things really clear and readable, preventing complex functions filling up the event graph for a particular blueprint.

The attached video shows my version of the vanilla tutorial. There are some extensions suggested in the final video of the tutorial series but, having learned a lot more about functions and more complex blueprints, I think I would rather make my own 3D prototype than extend this tutorial further.

One aspect of this tutorial I particularly liked, and have seen elsewhere in the UE4 tutorial series, is the ability to do simple randomisations inside blueprints. This allows for some useful visual tricks (placing varied clusters of bushes, for example) but also has some gameplay implications. For example, you could create a game narrative where someone was dreaming about their day and had to survive their dreams every night. If they died, they dream the dream again. But because our memories are unreliable, the dream looks slightly different every time. This way, a certain number of platforms could spawn in the same general area each time, but with a randomised layout, increasing the variety and challenge and feeding back into the narrative. Just a quick thought.

We’ll see how easy that sort of thing is to implement in my next prototype.

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