Quick Teleport Update

I wanted to add a really quick update regarding my teleport prototype, first mentioned here.

I’ve added a few extra bits and pieces, one for aesthetic reasons, one as a bug fix, and a couple to introduce some possible mechanics.

The big bug fix was an adjustment to how the exploding teleporter works. I moved from using a radial impulse (and therefore physics) at the point of explosion to checking for collisions (using a blueprint) and destroying blocks highlighted by those checks.

explode 1

The blueprint below is triggered when the exploding teleporter is used. The collision volume appears and checks for certain block types, logs them, and then destroys them before destroying itself..

explode 2

This method completed solved the problems created by physics. I’m really pleased with the outcome of the changes.

The most subtle change took the longest behind the scenes. I switched the player animation from a binary idle/run, to a state machine which picks either a run, idle or jump animation.

Anim States for Paper 2D

I borrowed the basic structure from the UE4 tutorial available through YouTube, and adapted it for my needs.

Next, I added a double jump to make the player feel more agile. Adding a double jump was MUCH more complicated than I thought it would be. To make matters worse, I’m not thrilled with the result. I either have a bug, or my blueprint is intefering with the code in a way that I don’t understand. The blueprint should be listening to whether I have jump held down or not, and then adjust my jump height accordingly. However, jumps seem to have a very high minimum height, which I can’t bring any lower. I’ll keep looking at it.

Jump 1Jump 2Finally, I added a basic level transition which I will look to expand upon. 

My next targets for improvement are getting some proper sprites in place for the teleport targets, improve level transitions and putting together some basic puzzles to see if my mechanics are fun.

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