Building a HUD – The UE4 Time Attack Tutorial

Over the last fortnight I’ve been working to increase my UE4 knowledge with one of the more advanced Blueprint tutorials; the Time Attack tutorial, available at

Not much happens on lap two, so I’ve broken my work into a video covering lap one and lap three.

At first, you can see me resetting my best time save game with ‘r’, then chasing the moving checkpoint around the first lap. Of course, all this logic was controlled with Blueprints. I’m particularly interested with the utility of the moving checkpoint. Linking a trigger volume to a number of hidden artifiacts in the level might be a could way of creating a checkpoint system in a platform or 3D action game, for example. Some things to explore there, certainly.

In the second video you can see more of the HUD logic. Notice that the Best Lap HUD information has updated and, at the end of the race, the Best Time information is also logged and saved. Then you can also see the last of the race logic, with no new checkpoints being created after the third lap is completed.

This tutorial was a little dry in places, with lots of copying and pasting to do. However, I really enjoyed how careful and methodical you needed to be to get everything working. Small errors, like variables set incorrectly in once place, could have serious knock-on effects. Debugging my effort at this tutorial was fun and, fortunately, it went pretty quickly. this was reassuring, as I felt that it showed I understood what the different Blueprints were doing, rather than it just being an exercise in copying down.

Obviously this is just my reproduction of a tutorial, at this stage, so work needs to be done to get this portfolio worthy. I added some extra checkpoints in to make the track more interesting  I have some ideas for how I’d like to beef up this prototype. Mainly these ideas are aesthetic, adding particle effects when laps are finished and the checkpoints are crossed, some more geometry to give early clues about the shape of the track, and possibly motivational text for when the player reaches certain points on the lap or reaches certain speeds, etc.

I will add another post and more videos when this all gets finished off.

Thanks for reading.


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