Thoughts on UE4

Having used UDK for years I was really interested to see the differences and advantages of UE4. I started in what I thought would be the key area of the software; Blueprint.

Below is an image of a simple toggle light, set up using the contextual menus of UE4.

1st Tutorial

Of course there are adjustments between UE4 and UDK, but the transition so far has been full of favourable comparisons towards Epic’s new tool.

  • It’s quick. Everything I’ve done so far has been snappy. I was expecting the beefed up engine to make my machine chug a little but, so far, it’s been fine.
  • It’s pretty. The test map is a nice peek at UE4 and what it can do. I’m impressed
  • Blueprint is a huge upgrade over Kismet. The visual feedback is superb, the interface more approachable, and the contextual menus really sped things along.
  • It’s familiar. I put of lot of time into UDK and it seems as if that time won’t be wasted. UE4 is an upgrade, but it has kept enough of the language from the previous engine that I have been able to get stuck in and tinker already.

I love learning new engines and getting my teeth into the different pieces of software that can make games. Me and UE4 are going to get along just fine. I’m looking forward to getting into some more advanced.

More to come …

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