Floating Prison Update

Just a quick update on my floating prison level. Since the first blog post I have designed the corridors which link the shells. The windows give away that I’m yet to texture the outside of the shell, but in the bottom corner of the image it is possible to see the cityscape which I am adding to give the level the impression of floating.


The image below us another angle of the cityscape, this time taken inside the shell. The inspiration for this glass bottom boat style prison came from The Dark Knight Rises. I like the idea of future prisoners being punished by an insane justice systems which gives them hope by getting a good look at what they are missing. The shadows in the top left hand corner show that the roof has the same reinforced glass with bars effect as the glass bottom.

Glass Bottom

Here is another shot of the cityscape.

We are back inside the prison shell here. On the middle floor you can see a guard station and that the lighting has been improved on the top floor. You can also see the staircases which allow navigation between the floors. The idea here, along with the guard rail with open and closed sections, is to give the players one route through the level whilst creating angles where they can see across multiple floors at once. This gives the shells a nice sense of verticality and allows that verticality to be used when designing combat scenarios. The player could be shooting down at enemies, defending when attacked from above or able to take advantage of angles when sniping through the gaps.

The final image again highlights the verticality of the levels. It also shows the beginning of the scanner stations, where the player will be able to move from one shell to another through the corridors. The scanners are a well established contrivance, but a handy one. It will look cool, makes sense in the context of a prison, and the matinee will give me time to load in the next shell (and unload the previous shell at the end), saving on performance.

UpshotIt looks like baby steps at the moment, but it is very close to being in a position where this first shell can be duplicated to form the template for the subsequence shells.

More updates to follow soon.

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