Visual Scripting with Unity

This week I have been learning a new skill; visual scripting in Unity. In the past I’ve always gravitated towards UDK because I enjoy Kismet and the speed with which I can prototype with that visual scripting software. Unity was so much more flexible but, if I’m honest, I was reliant on tutorials and the kindness of strangers for the code I needed. As such, Unity had limits for me.

Now, however, thanks to Hutong Games and Playmaker, I’m free!!

Playmaker, the visual scripting tool for Unity, is great. It’s deeply logical, with objects set in states until actions transition them to other states. The early tutorials, available here, got me started by building a simple 3rd person camera.

It wasn’t too much of a journey from there to start working with triggers and trigger boxes. I switched to a first person camera to adapt another Hutong tutorial, this time prototyping up a pressure pad to open a door.

Again, more states, actions and transitions, but this time with objects interacting with each other.

Obviously I’m just scratching the surface, but it seems like the next Unity target has to be getting a working level together with Playmaker. The software is clearly up to it. It has increased my confidence and will encourage me to be bolder with my future work in Unity.

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