C# In Unity

First off, for anyone who was worried/cared/was wondering, the reason I have not posted in months is because of two factors; a new games industry job and a new baby. Despite a persistent lack of sleep I felt that I needed to get back to putting my designs online.

Well … in this case not my design. I wanted to give the blog a kickstart so I have completed a tutorial in Unity. That way I can learn something, get some work on the website and find out how family life blends with sitting behind a laptop. As it turns out, if you work at one in the morning, a bit of designing fits in OK!

Here is the tutorial:

Available from: http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/roll-a-ball

I have done little bits of coding in the past (Actionscript, mainly) but I wanted to look into the coding aspects of Unity. There were two reasons behind this: first, I don’t think you can know enough about code if you are working in games and, second, it is very handy for prototyping if you have a small code base of publicly available stuff to help knock things up quickly.

This was a really good tutorial. Great for a quick, refreshing buzz through Unity. Good end product and some handy movement code which (once modified) could inspire maze games, race games, any sort of ball game that you like.

Mainly, from my point of view, it’s great to get something back up on the website and continue developing my skills and knowledge. Sorry for the long gap.

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