Floating Prison Update

Just a quick update on my floating prison level. Since the first blog post I have designed the corridors which link the shells. The windows give away that I’m yet to texture the outside of the shell, but in the bottom corner of the image it is possible to see the cityscape which I am adding to give the level the impression of floating.


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Visual Scripting with Unity

This week I have been learning a new skill; visual scripting in Unity. In the past I’ve always gravitated towards UDK because I enjoy Kismet and the speed with which I can prototype with that visual scripting software. Unity was so much more flexible but, if I’m honest, I was reliant on tutorials and the kindness of strangers for the code I needed. As such, Unity had limits for me.

Now, however, thanks to Hutong Games and Playmaker, I’m free!!

Playmaker, the visual scripting tool for Unity, is great. It’s deeply logical, with objects set in states until actions transition them to other states. The early tutorials, available here, got me started by building a simple 3rd person camera.

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Floating Prison Build

Quite a while ago I posted about my testboard. (That piece is here, for the interested amongst you.)

The aim of the testboard was to experiment with a range of different in-game elements, all based on the idea of a floating prison (or fortress) that was starting to fall to pieces in the face of some kind of attack.


In the screenshot above you can see experiments with scales and sizes, particle effects and room layouts. In the testboard blog piece you can see some scripted moments, matinees and destructible environments.

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C# In Unity

First off, for anyone who was worried/cared/was wondering, the reason I have not posted in months is because of two factors; a new games industry job and a new baby. Despite a persistent lack of sleep I felt that I needed to get back to putting my designs online.

Well … in this case not my design. I wanted to give the blog a kickstart so I have completed a tutorial in Unity. That way I can learn something, get some work on the website and find out how family life blends with sitting behind a laptop. As it turns out, if you work at one in the morning, a bit of designing fits in OK!

Here is the tutorial:

Available from: http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/roll-a-ball

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