Over the past few days, on and off whilst tinkering with other things, I have been building levels with the Terrain Editor in Unreal.

It’s fun. Using the tool is tactile, responsive and immediate. If given the choice of building in BSP or throwing something together in terrain, then terrain wins every time. It has a very shallow learning curve which suits me perfectly, and has allowed me to throw together some cool looking terrains after only a few hours practice. The following images chart my learning.

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Tutorial Effects

First things first, a MASSIVE thank you to Eat3D, who continue to help me expand my Unreal knowledge. All the videos on this post are based on the rather spiffy free tutorials they have at their website here. Their stuff is awesome. I followed the tutorials, tweaked and blended them for my needs and now have some more interesting videos and Unreal knowledge.

I have a plan for a level and, without giving too much away whilst it is in the planning stage, I wanted a couple of features and particle effects that I hadn’t really seen in the Unreal content browser. Fortunately (coincidentally, serendipitously) Eat3D based a couple of free vids around these features. First was a convincing local smoke effect, the type you would see around a small fire.

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